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Hello and Seasons Greetings for 2016! 

With deepest apologies, this little Elf is very sad as she can't continue to help Santa at his letter writing desk for Dec 2016, but will be back to help out again in 2017.

Today is

When Christmas approaches Santa gets very busy in his workshop making lots of toys, games and books for children all over the world. In fact he gets so busy that he asks Mrs. Claus, special helpers like us and even his trusty friend Rudolph to help him write his letters to all the good girls and boys.

We are very proud to be Santa's special letter writers again this year!

See the face of your Little Angels light up with joy when they receive their very own letter from Santa, Mrs Claus or even good old Rudolph! There are even special 'Baby's First Christmas' Letters which are lovely festive keepsakes.

But of course our letters are not just for children, they are a fun seasonal gift for all Young-At-Heart adults too!

Individually prepared and beautifully presented, our letters include special personal messages that only Santa and his team could know, even for those Little Angels who have arrived since his visit last Christmas!

To read more about our letters from Santa, please visit our information page or see a sample letter here.

Santa letters are just 4 each and include a small seasonal gift.

Santa has made just one request - that you please try and place your letter requests as early as possible so that he doesn't overwhelm the postal services with his North Pole mail! He simply can't spare any of his Elves or Reindeer for postal duties this year, they are simply much too busy!

To place a letter request use the link below or the order buttons provided. We will then create that little bit of seasonal magic just for your special someone.

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